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High Probability Setups

What Can I Expect?

As a member of High Probability Setups you will get:

  • My personal weekly research video and commentary
  • Detailed Charts on all set ups with color coded easy to follow buy and sell zones.
  • Inside look at the HPS index where I take my quality scans from.
  • Updated watchlist video when new set ups appear.
  • Updating interactive charts to follow set ups live.
  • Live Trade Alert Box on your screen that Daytraderrockstar uses to announce trades and trade analyst and where guest traders will be featured.
  • Live Trader chat where professional traders post there trades and discuss the markets.
  • Members only Forum and Blogs-Being a member grants you access to our extensive Trader Zone Forum and Blogs. Members can ask questions, gather information. It's a great way to learn about other members in the DTR community

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Personal Note from DayTraderRockStar:

The real hidden value here is the research time spent each week to bring you the best quality stocks that are entering defined lower risk zones and High Probability Areas of Profit. To have this delivered to you each week is invaluable especially if you value your time and I know how much time it takes to research and map out a trade plan for each week. Give it a shot if your serious about trading you will want the edge that HPS and DTR will give you.

John Kurisko

High Probability Setups takes the guesswork and emotion out of trading the markets. We aim to keep the investment process simple and extremely focused.
        At High Probability Setups, our team is continuously scanning the market looking for the best trading opportunities so that you don't have to. By using historical chart patterns and the most reliable market indicators, we look for upcoming opportunities both long and short. When we see a setup happening, we will send you a detailed trading plan for that specific stock; including a chart explaining the setup and specific entry and exit zones.